Nordea Debit

    • Nordea Debit is an international payment card with the functions of a credit card and a modern, convenient advantage — a contactless payment function that allows you to pay for small purchases up to EUR 10 in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania without inserting your card into the POS terminal and entering your PIN. Worldwide the limit for no PIN transactions varies between countries.
    • Nordea Debit includes all the functions of a payment card. You can access your funds quickly and conveniently by using the card in the shops or in internet, also withdraw cash from an ATM. Nordea Debit comes with Contactless payment feature, which make your smaller purchases faster. Your larger purchases are protected with Purchase protection insurance.


  • Purchases

    • Nordea Debit card is accepted in physical and internet shops all over the world and it is really easy and convenient to use.
    • You can pay with the card in all places that display the MasterCard logo.
    • You can safely pay for purchases on the Internet (3D Secure Code).
    • You can use your card to book and pay for hotels, airline tickets or car rental
    • Also quick and convenient contactless payments are available with this card.
    • Purchase protection insurance linked to your card will protect your larger purchases.
  • Cash transactions and possibilities at ATMs

    • The possibility to withdraw cash from an account linked to your card from cash deposit/withdrawal ATMs.
    • Cash withdrawal is free of charge from Nordea ATMs in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark), Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.
    • The possibility to deposit cash in cash deposit/withdrawal ATMs in Estonia.
    • You can use your card to find out the balance of the linked account.
    • The possibility to change Nordea Debit PIN code without an extra commission at Nordea ATMs in Estonia.
  • Other possibilities

    • One or several additional cards for other family members, including children from 6 years old can be attached to the main card. A child’s card will be attached to the parent account and you will be able to follow your children expenses.
    • The possibility to choose your card design.
    • You can follow your transactions with Nordea Debit via your Netbank.
    • Nordea Debit Card is valid for 3 years. You can receive your new card also to your home.

  • Security

    • Keep the PIN code of your card to yourself alone and never keep it together with the card. The PIN code is your electronic signature when you confirm transactions, so it is very important to keep it secret.
    • When you pay with your card make sure that it is not taken out of your sight.
    • Do not leave your card unattended. • When you enter your PIN code make sure that no one else can see it.
    • If you suspect that your bank card may have been used by an unauthorized person, inform the bank immediately and have your card closed.
    • If your card is lost or stolen, notify the bank immediately.

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